Breast Implants

Adhering to the mainstream idea of a perfect woman

Modern notion of women is very male chauvinistic in nature and they are supposed to be with a specific set of physical features and visual appearances. In the money minded world of today, everything is being monetized. The visual media is filled with concepts and images of women, which portray them as a second grade citizen and only as a person to fulfill the needs of the primary character of movies. The condition is worse in the movies as they look at the female type with a patronizing approach. They do not respect the women for what they are. They are considered as mere mannequins with sexy body and killer looks. While this has changed a bit in the media the damage has already been done. Many intelligent women are still not very sure about themselves or with their skills. This is not only a huge problem from the perspective of an individual; in fact it reduces the productivity of almost all the individuals of a sex. As a result half of the working force of a country gets diminished. This will lead to a huge dent in the gross domestic product of the nation.

Quick fix solution to be looked up on by men

The problems with the male attitude and perspective are deep rooted in the society and it will be hard to fight it altogether. However it is easier to find a quick fix solution than to take the society head on. That is the reason why most women opt for the breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. While there is no fixed size for the breast of a healthy female, the expectation always tends to be on the larger side. It is not a shame to have smaller boobs but if you are feeling a little unsure of yourselves, then you can go for the surgery. Breast augmentation surgeries are called as boob-jobs in the modern lingo. If you are one such person who wants to increase the size of your breasts, then you should start looking for creams and gels which helps in increasing the size but the quickest way is to get a surgery.

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