The Right Escape from the Opiate Now

Many patients do not dare to go for this detoxification, since withdrawal from the body of opioids causes “breakage”. Yes, with UBOD abstinence syndrome should be maximum due to the high rate of biochemical processes, but to relieve the patient of suffering and inhibition of his nervous system, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. After awakening from anesthesia, the residual symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome are either absent altogether or expressed very weakly and for a short time. If necessary, medicines are used to eliminate them. Let us have a look at how to detox from opiates.

What are the advantages of AML before other methods of opioid detoxification?

  • absence or non-manifestation of the withdrawal syndrome, which makes it possible not to interrupt the rehabilitation course due to pain;
  • the possibility of using supportive therapy immediately after awakening from anesthesia;
  • high amount of persistent remissions – from 70 to 90% for up to 6 months;
  • Detoxification of drug addicts in this way is possible, regardless of the age, sex of the patient, the duration of his drug dependence and the drug dose used.

Methods of detoxification

  • Methods of detoxification of the body can be different, and they are selected by the doctor individually for each patient on the basis of examinations and the nature of intoxication.
  • Medication detoxication is carried out with the use of special solutions. These means of detoxification bind and eliminate alcohol or drugs from the body.
  • Non-drug detoxification is hemosorption, hemodialysis and plasmapheresis. Both methods lead to a decrease in the manifestations and duration of withdrawal disorders.

The combined method of detoxification is the use of absorption drugs together with the simultaneous cessation of craving for alcohol or drugs. In parallel with this procedure, general restorative therapy is carried out aimed at normalizing the functioning of the cardiovascular, autonomic and nervous systems, as well as stabilizing the rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.

The Right Detoxification

Biological detoxification is based on the use of natural, biological methods of cleaning the body. It does not use chemicals and medications with side effects. The complex of biological detoxification procedures includes physical exercises, sauna visits to stimulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation, breathing, increase sweating, and also take vitamins and minerals. Such a program of detoxification of the body allows you to remove from the body toxic substances and metabolic products. After its completion, previously dependent on alcohol or drug patients feel literally reborn to a new life.

Biological detoxification is considered to be the most effective, but this method uses a lot of physical exertion, consultation with the doctor is necessary before starting it.

In the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, the liver is most severely affected, so the necessary procedure for treating such patients is liver detoxification. To treat such a serious disease as cirrhosis, enteral detoxification is used.

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